Meditation for Anxiety | Special Guest Joelle Anderson from Kernel of Wisdom

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Meditation for Anxiety

Today we have a special guest on Yoga Lifestyle with Dr. Melissa West: Joelle Anderson from Kernel of Wisdom.

In this short meditation, Joelle uses a deep belly relaxation breath to help calm the body and the mind. Breathing deeply into the belly can help to stimulate the vagus nerve, signalling the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, which is the system that helps to calm us down. Furthermore, by extending the exhales through a 4-7-8 breath, you will change the oxygen:carbon dioxide ratio in the body, which also helps to calm the body and mind. After that, we take a few moments to give ourselves a bit of mental grounding and compassion so that we can come back a little more relaxed, revived, and ready to tackle whatever stressors lie ahead with more ease.

Stress and anxiety are heightened fear responses. They are the same “fight or flight” response that might have been triggered in our ancestors if they were being chased by a bear, except now our “threatening” stressors are work/school deadlines, relationship confrontations, difficult conversations, over-stimulation from technology, and many of the day-to-day challenges that we face. That’s why helping our bodies realize that there is no “real” threat, so we can relax and still get things done – helps.

Furthermore, by breaking the racing thoughts and worry that often accompanies stress can help us think more clearly, take more decisive actions, and make a huge difference in our ability to cope with stress without being bogged down by thoughts.

That said, a short mindfulness meditation may only be able to help a little and, in general, mindfulness practices of ALL types can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry. So for more guided meditations, mindfulness tips, and psychoeducational information on stress, anxiety, and more visit Kernel of Wisdom’s channel:

You can also learn more about Joelle, her therapeutic services, and her mindfulness coaching options here:

– Her website: click here
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