Most Important Yoga and Meditation Prop for Highly Sensitive People

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Highly Sensitive People

In this video I am going to share with you a simple yoga or meditation prop that is a must have for highly sensitive people.

Highly sensitive people notice more details in their environment and react more strongly than other people. They can feel overwhelmed by bright lights and feel overwhelmed by social media and the news.

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My name is Melissa from Yoga with Melissa. In May of 2019 I decided to release a Yoga Series for Highly Sensitive People on my main channel Yoga with Melissa and the response has been overwhelming gratitude and positivity from the 20% of the population that is highly sensitive.

Yoga for Highly Sensitive People: Click Here

Prior to releasing this series, I thought HSP was a new age term to explain the sometimes overwhelming symptoms of being alive in a world that seems to always be on overdrive. Then I discovered clinical researcher and Ph.D. in psychology Elaine Aron and discovered it was a real thing. I did her test for HSP and answered every yes to every question but 2!

Click here for the HSP Test

Today I am going to share with you my favourite prop for HSP and why it is important for us. If you would like a PDF of my favourite 3 props and how to use them in a 10 week video series – this should appeal to the HSP’s desire to go deep on something then you can click up here.

My Favourite Yoga Props and How to Use Them

So one of the key attributes of the HSP’s experience is that we become easily overstimulated. Noise, smells, visual stimulation overwhelms us. This is because we take more in and we process it more deeply. Because 80% of the stimulation that we take in comes in through our eyes, one of the best props that we can use is the eye pillow.

One of the most beneficial things HSPs can do to take care of themselves is to take breaks before they are exhausted. When you take a break, is to lie down and put this eye pillow over your eyes. For bonus points, put your legs up the wall. This will relieve exhaustion, gather your energy and give you a break from visual stimulation.

Rest back, close your eyes and enjoy the visual sensory deprivation.

Namaste, Melissa

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