Revive Thrive
Yoga Incubator  

Transform Fatigue * Relieve Pain * Optimize Your Nervous System * Rest in Your Heart

Let me know if you experience any of the following?

  • Chronic Fatigue, Low energy, Low productivity
  • Poor Memory, concentration, decision making
  • Mood swing, anxiety, depression, stress
  • Increase risk of hypertension & heart disease
  • Reduced quality of life, limits activities you enjoy
  • Loss of mobility, coordination & functional movement
  • Difficulty falling asleep & staying asleep
  • Medical Expenses related to managing chronic pain 
  • Chronic stress, anxiety, depression 

  • Difficulty falling asleep & staying asleep 

  • Digestive Issues 

  • Muscle Tension & Pain such as chronic headaches

  • Fatigue with the hustle for success & achievement 

  • Frustration with conflict, polarization, comparison

  • Social isolation despite technological connection

  • Materialism, consumerism, exploitation, overuse  

A 4-Step-Evidenced-Based Protocol Specifically Designed to

  1. Restore Your Energy

  2. With a Mindful Movement Program to Ease Your Pain

  3. Regulate Your Nervous System

  4. & Awaken the Heart of Love

What's inside the Revive & Thrive Incubator

Soul Path

A 4-Step/4 month-Evidenced-Based Protocol Specifically Designed to

  1. Restore Your Energy 

  2. With a Mindful Movement Program to Ease Your Pain 

  3. Regulate Your Nervous System 

  4. & Awaken the Heart of Love

Video Library

  • Over 900 yoga classes
  • Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Qigong Flow, Ventral Vagus Activation, Five Element Theory, Moving Mudras, Mobility Routines, Hatha Yoga 
  • Variety of Lengths from: 10 min - 2 hours

Monthly Calendars

  • Theme for the Week
  • Yoga Classes from Calendar for each day of the week laid out
  • Practice and Discuss Classes from the calendar with yogis from our community

Live Classes

  • Wonderful Wednesday Weekly 30 min Yoga Class with opportunity to co-regulate and intention set prior to class with other members
  • Sparkle Sunday  (1.5 hour yoga class with opportunity to get feedback, guidance and support for your yoga practice)

Daily Yoga Connection

  • Theme for the Week
  • Yoga Classes from Calendar for each day of the week laid out
  • Practice and Discuss Classes from the calendar with yogis from our community

Courses & Retreats

  • Over 10 Archived Courses
  • Over 20 Archived Retreats

My life has changed...

From the moment my son gifted me a year of membership in your community, my life has started to change. I have started to understand and accept my anxiety. I have gradually started to release stress and tensions that it causes. Live classes have helped me in interaction with other people. Your Dharma talks are always enlightening and educative. I’ve become a steadier, calmer person. Your teachings and available materials in the membership community have increased the quality of my life. My self-esteem has risen and I became a happier person overall.

Tatijana  //  Community Member

I have learned so much...

I was having pain  issues with my feet, psoas, neck, shoulder and arms for over 2 years. I had gone to chiropractors. It  was getting quite expensive. I watched and did your free yoga classes on you tube for quite some time. It helped a great deal. That's when I decided to join your membership community. I have learned so much and I feel it is keeping my body fluid, flexible and strong in a gentle way. I continue to learn ways to release stress by meditation. You have turned me on to books, poems, teachings, fascia,  and your lovely hometown. I love Tim's videos & photography. You are so inspirational. Thank you.

Tina  //  Community Member


We won't just overwhelm you with thousands of classes. Our physical and mental health is dependent upon the community that social connection offers. We offer improved mental health and personal transformation through the support of community.


Many membership communities do not have a proven track record.Our membership community has been running with a dedicated community of members since 2011. I have been teaching yoga since 2002. I have been teaching on YouTube since 2009. I have over a decade of teaching post secondary education.

High Touch

We stay connected to your practice needs with monthly live classes, weekly curated options for beginner, intermediate and advanced students, weekly curated yoga classes, book club, moon phases, and mentorship from Melissa.

What inspired me to build the Revive & Thrive Incubator in 2011

Dr. Melissa West

When I first discovered yoga in 1996, I fell in love with the idea that each person has basic goodness or basic virtue. 

I was going to practice yoga until I truly felt this within every fiber of my physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual body. 

Because I have lived with chronic migraines since 2012 (and probably in some form since my childhood) I am particularly skilled and compassionate at supporting others in meeting themselves exactly as they are each day on their yoga mat (not their fantasy, idealized version of themselves. 

Additionally, I have a Ph.D. in communications and cultural studies and I taught in a University setting for over ten years so I can take complex topics and communicate them simply. I have experience creating curriculum for and educating adults. 

My yoga training was first with Esther Myers in Toronto with a focus on breathing, grounding and spinal elongation. I did my formal training with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, a holistic and integrative approach to yoga therapy bridging the gap between yoga and talk-therapy, which provided the groundwork for my present teachings with polyvagal theory and the ventral vagus nerve. 

In my book, The Elemental Self: Five Element Yin Yoga, is a contribution to both the fields of Yin Yoga and Five Element Theory. This theory allows us to explore our interconnection with nature as the seasons cycle through their continuous transitions, we too can explore those corresponding changes within our own being.


$135.95/USD Quarter

Recurring Payment - Cancel Anytime


$435.95/USD Year

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Our Revive & Thrive

is for you if:

  • You’re Tired of being Tired
  • You want to have energy to do the things you love
  • You’ve done yoga for years, but you are still in pain and think there might be a better way
    You want to relieve your pain and have more easeful movement
  • You want a regulated nervous system
  • You want to move up the polyvagal ladder
  • You want to live from your heart

Our Revive & Thrive

is NOT for you if:

  • you are looking for weight loss, an exercise program, or an aesthetic practice so you can post pictures of yourself in impressive yoga poses on Instagram; we are about developing an internal practice and transformation from the inside out
  • you are looking for a quick fix, dramatic improvement in one session or an amazing experience of transformation; I  help see you through lasting integrated change
  • you are a lone ranger; we are a community, a sangha, we support each other in our daily yoga practice on and off our mats,
  • you struggle with everything computers or you have a clunker dinosaur of a computer or no internet connection; because this is an online community we want you to be able to find things and communicate easily on our platform, if you struggle in other computer mediated technologies, you will most likely struggle here too


This all sounds great, but I don’t have the time to commit to what you are offering

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I’m afraid I won’t be consistent in an online yoga community

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$135.95/USD Quarter

Recurring Payment - Cancel Anytime


$435.95/USD Year

Best Value - Save Over $100

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