Are you overwhelmed by the demands of your life?

You are twired (wired and tired) anxious and stressed out, you haven’t slept a decent night in weeks, let alone felt motivated enough to move your body and cannot even imagine how you can do something as zen as practicing yoga or meditation. 

Your body is in pain. Your neck hurts, Your shoulders hurt. Your back hurts. You are tense. 

If it does, then you already know how difficult it can be to find quality yoga instruction that meet your unique physical, mental and emotional needs.

That is what inspired me to build this membership community in 2011

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What's inside the Yoga with Melissa Membership Community

Yoga Videos

Exclusive Access to Our huge, value Added, leading edge research and innovation in the world of Yoga, Meditation Videos and Dharma Talks.

Live Yin Yoga Workshops

(90 minute class + discussion) on the 3rd Sunday of every month  at 9:30 am PT and 4:00 pm PT All Live classes are recorded and archived.

Unshakable Support

Daily Yoga practice, 30 Day Yoga Challenges, Community Forums, self care, growth on your mat and chit chat off the mat too.

Advanced Courses

Study in Yoga and Meditation by application (limited enrollment)

Beginner Yoga

The most comprehensive 9 week beginner yoga class on the web. An easy way to learn yoga slowly over time at your own pace.


We have recipes for each season, breakfast, soups, snacks, dinner, and mindful eating courses and workshops

Book Club

Don't worry we don't rush through a book a month, we take a nice slow yin pace and read a chapter every two weeks. We like to absorb our book choices

Moon Phases

Moon Phase reflections with supporting yoga classes for the new moon and the full moon


Whether you are interested in a day of silence, 1 day retreats, 3 day retreats, or 5 day retreats we have you covered all from the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the price, no matter what the season.

My life has changed...

From the moment my son gifted me a year of membership in your community, my life has started to change. I have started to understand and accept my anxiety. I have gradually started to release stress and tensions that it causes. Live classes have helped me in interaction with other people. Your Dharma talks are always enlightening and educative. I’ve become a steadier, calmer person. Your teachings and available materials in the membership community have increased the quality of my life. My self-esteem has risen and I became a happier person overall.

Tatijana  //  Community Member

I have learned so much...

I was having pain  issues with my feet, psoas, neck, shoulder and arms for over 2 years. I had gone to chiropractors. It  was getting quite expensive. I watched and did your free yoga classes on you tube for quite some time. It helped a great deal. That's when I decided to join your membership community. I have learned so much and I feel it is keeping my body fluid, flexible and strong in a gentle way. I continue to learn ways to release stress by meditation. You have turned me on to books, poems, teachings, fascia,  and your lovely hometown. I love Tim's videos & photography. You are so inspirational. Thank you.

Tina  //  Community Member




10 Class Pass at a Yoga Studio/Month $1, 380/yr

Unlimited Classes in our Membership Community for a Year $299 USD

$1081 Savings

Massage Therapy once a month for a year $1, 320

Unlimited Access to Self Myofascial Release in our Membership Community $299 USD

$1021 Savings

2 Hour Yoga Workshops at Yoga Studio Monthly $480

Monthly 2 Hour YinDulgence Workshops in our Membership Community $299/yr USD

$181 Savings

5 Equivalent Yoga and Meditation Courses Online/Yr $1,895

5 Advanced Yoga and Meditation Courses/Year $299 USD

$1596 Savings

Discount for In Person Retreats

Yearly Members $299 Discount
Quarterly Members $99.95 Discount USD

100% Savings


We won't just overwhelm you with thousands of classes. Our physical and mental health is dependent upon the community that social connection offers. We offer improved mental health and personal transformation through the support of community.


Many membership communities do not have a proven track record.Our membership community has been running with a dedicated community of members since 2011. I have been teaching yoga since 2002. I have been teaching on YouTube since 2009. I have over a decade of teaching post secondary education.

High Touch

We stay connected to your practice needs with monthly live classes, weekly curated options for beginner, intermediate and advanced students, weekly curated yoga classes, book club, moon phases, and mentorship from Melissa.

Dr. Melissa West

Yoga teachers vary wildly in their training, credibility and intention.. Melissa is one of the 0.25% of the world's population who was awarded a Ph.D. for her ability to comprehend large amounts of information, define a problem, identify the possible causes, and implement solutions.

Through her over 15 years of university teaching Melissa is able to effectively design doable and enjoyable educational programs for adults as well as mentor students in positive and engaging learning environments.

Melissa effectively follows the trends in the yoga, movement, meditation and mindfulness industries and brings the best and creative solutions to her members. Melissa has been teaching yoga since 2002, started teaching online in 2009 and began this membership community in 2011.

Over 10K (ten thousand) hours of training with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy as a Yoga Therapist, Group Facilitator and Yoga Teacher gave Melissa the foundation to create a compassionate, non-judgmental community that you will not find anywhere else.  

Our community is for you if:

  • you are interested in DEEP DIVE  into the teachings; in our live Yin Yoga classes, advanced courses about Buddhist philosophy, Taoist philosophy, and the philosophy behind Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • you are looking for the SUPPORT from a teacher who is invested in helping you connect with your deepest, truest, most authentic Self
  • you are interested in letting go of aggressively pushing yourself endlessly to achievement, goal focused life even then it comes to your yoga. We are all about letting go of the tension in our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies and opening to our lives as they unfold
  • you are interested in cultivating yin and mindfully harnessing your yang energy; in other words, entering into the interior space of rest, refuge, surrender, acceptance where the well is filled so that you may act with clarity and discernment in the world
  • you have a computer, laptop, tablet or phone with audio and video camera and good internet connection, that way you will be able to join our live classes, stream and download our videos

Our community is NOT for you if:

  • you are looking for weight loss, an exercise program, or an aesthetic practice so you can post pictures of yourself in impressive yoga poses on Instagram; we are about developing an internal practice and transformation from the inside out
  • you are looking for a quick fix, dramatic improvement in one session or an amazing experience of transformation; I  help see you through lasting integrated change
  • you are a lone ranger; we are a community, a sangha, we support each other in our daily yoga practice on and off our mats,
  • you struggle with everything computers or you have a clunker dinosaur of a computer or no internet connection; because this is an online community we want you to be able to find things and communicate easily on our platform, if you struggle in other computer mediated technologies, you will most likely struggle here too


Why should I join you membership community if I can access your free classes every Friday?

What if I think your membership community is too $ expensive $ ?

Why should I settle for just one teacher when I am more comfortable sampling many teachers?


$99.95/USD Quarter

Recurring Payment - Cancel Anytime


$299.95/USD Year

Best Value - Save $80

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