Moss Street Paint In or The Day Everything Broke – Vlog 124

by Melissa West on

Moss Street Paint In

This past Saturday over 190 artists congregated on Moss Street for the 31st annual Moss Street paint in.

The day started out not well as I dropped my camera getting it out of my backpack for the first shot and broke the lens on my front facing camera.

We took some extra steps and set up Tim´s camera, but quickly used up his battery and memory card. So we did the best we could capturing the Moss Street paint in with as much of Tim´s camera as we could and my front facing camera.

The Moss street paint in is filled with Vancouver Island´s most talented artists. I made a pact not to buy any art this year.

We challenged ourselves to only spend $20 on lunch and managed to stick to our budget.

It was a beautiful day enjoying some gorgeous art.

If you live in Victoria check out Noah Layne´s art and his art classes: His Website



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