Yoga with Melissa Episode 23: Forward Folds with Dr Melissa West

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 23 is a special request from one of my students for a seated forward fold series. This yoga class offers you yoga postures or asanas to open up your hips and the backs of your legs to make seated forward folding easier. The yoga postures in this class focus on your hamstrings, hips, quadriceps, psoas, and even spinal releases to prepare your body for forward folds. We begin by teaching your body to fold forward from the more attainable standing position and make use of props to roll your pelvis over your leg bones all in service of easing into forward folds in an accessible way. We end with some reclined twists and knees to chest to release your back. It is a great introspective class for the end of winter. Enjoy!



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