Yoga with Melissa Episode 39: Special Series on Yamas and Niyamas: Santosa, Contentment

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 39 is a class on santosha or contentment. This yoga class continues our series on the yamas and niyamas to explore the yama or  the personal practice of contentment. This class combines asana and pranayama to cultivate gratitude for our gifts and the gifts in our life. Melissa flies solo for this show outside of the guest appearances from the beautiful birds in her backyard, specifically the sparrows, mourning doves, and blue jays.

The yoga class on santosha begins with a dynamic, flowing neck, shoulder and hip release . We then release your spine with some mini cobras and mini sun salutations to open your heart. Puppy pose and lunge pose continue to open your hips and heart. Gate pose is a lovely side bend. When we come up to standing we practice breath of joy and open our side body further with side angle pose. We also practice some balancing with tree pose. This class rounds out with a gentle version of camel and some variations of cow’s face pose to cultivate santosha.

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