Yoga with Melissa Episode 54: Listening with Your Insight Mind, Listening with Your Whole Body Series

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa is about Listening to our Mind Body, our Insight. In this episode of Yoga with Melissa we will continue our series on listening with our whole bodies, to listen with our minds. In this class we will access our insight mind. This does not mean listening with our mind that likes to think things over and over. It means tuning into our mind in a way that is not grasping at things to be with anything but the way things are. In this class we will practice present moment awareness with special yoga asanas or yoga postures to stimulate and calm the mind.

We start our yoga class with alternate nostril breathing or nadi shodhana to foster mental clarity and an alert mind. We move into a scalp massage to clear your mind. We do some brain yoga to reset your mental health. Twists release any tension stored along your spine and nervous system. When we come to standing we practice eagle pose or garudasana for the insight or vision. Our class rounds out with a seated variation of eagle’s arms with cow’s face legs looking out onto Lake Ontario to inspire a calm mind.


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