Yoga with Melissa Episode 49 with Paul Gangadeen and Dr. Melissa West

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 49 is on Kriya Yoga The class introduce us to the first 6 of 18 postures in the series as presented by kriya yoga. This special episode of Namaste Yoga is taught by guest instructor Premadasa from Pure Life Ayu Yoga Paul will join us later for two more classes to round out this practice. Kriya Hatha Yoga includes “asanas,” physical postures of relaxation, “bandahs,” muscular locks, and “mudras,” gestures, all of which bring about greater health, peace and the awakening of the principal energy centers, the “chakras”. Babaji has selected a particularly effective series of 18 postures, which are taught in stages and in pairs. One cares for the physical body not for its own sake but as a vehicle or temple of the Divine. Kriya Yoga is “Action with Awareness.” It is a means of self-knowledge, of knowing the truth of our being. The first objective of Kriya Hatha Yoga is deep physical and mental relaxation. Asana deals directly with the material part of the physical totality. The body can become purified of many disorders and irregularities by asana. The variety of asana grants flexibility and a sense of lightness and buoyancy in the body, so that gravity has less an effect on it. Ultimately the 18 asana series will awaken the energy centers along the spine and stimulate the uncurling of kundalini, our potential power and consciousness.


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