Yoga with Melissa Episode 58 : Listening with Our Whole Body: Review of Series

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 58

Yoga with Melissa 58 is a Review of the Listening with Our Whole Body Series. We take a review journey back through edge, our breath, our body, our thoughts, our emotions, our spirit, and our life connections. We practice relating to our body from the inside out. Rather than worrying about what our bodies look like to the world, we listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us. We focused on the quote from the Bhagavhadgita, “See now… in this My Body, the whole universe centered in One…”

We will begin our class by centering into our bodies. Then we will open up the backs of our legs with hand to big toe pose for your hamstrings and to check in with your edge. In bridge pose or setu bandhasana we ask ourselves, what kind of relationship have we built with our bodies over the last eight weeks? In locust pose we open to the strength of our bodies. In cat pose we flow with our body. We do the hand/body sharira mudra series to tune into our breath and see what it has to tell us about our bodies. When we come to standing we do some vigorous kundalini breathing to clear our minds. We practice eagle pose to have clear vision and good balance. Pigeon pose, keyhole and cow’s face pose are great poses to open up your hips.  We finish with the mudra of unshakable trust to tune into our spirit. In savasana there is a long integration so you can reflect back on your experience of this class and the series as a whole.

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