Nature Inspires Me – Vlog12

by Melissa West on

Nature’s Inspiration

Vlog12-DeerThis week started with some incredible weather so we decided to head out for some kite flying at Clover Point. It was so nice we took a little tour around Victoria and drove up to some lookout points to enjoy the views. Monday continued the gorgeous 20C weather and so we headed out to film some videos for my friend (and yours) Tim Anderson at Original Strength down on the beach.

I got some great used books this week for collaging backgrounds for my art. A huge dictionary and a brass rubbing book.

I share with you an incredible experience I had connecting with Goddess energy this week and how she communicated with me through pink clouds.

You get to meet my weekly challenge team and some of the people that support our membership community in practicing yoga daily in our weekly challenge leadership meeting. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much to the generosity of my leaders, especially Hannah, Ulrika, Diane, Claire, Fiona and Victoria who attended two leadership meetings (maybe even three) this month!

The summer weather continued through Wednesday and blessed our filming of Namaste Yoga this week. It was such a joy to film in Beacon Hill park as couples and families enjoyed picnics. There were so many musicians in the parks and people sun bathing.

Happy Birthday to all our members who have birthdays in May! There are at least 12 that I know of and probably more! πŸ™‚

I finished up my week with an indulgent trip to the art store and a walk through Government House Gardens where we visited the deer. I am so inspired by the art here in Victoria, especially the first nation’s art, the totem poles, and all the inspiring colours in nature. One thing I have said to Tim many times is that this place has made artists out of us. You cannot be around this much beauty and not have it turn into a symbiotic relationship.

We finished our week with a real treat, brunch at Bubbies, thanks to our friend Femke. She took us out to thank Tim for filming her benefit concert πŸ™‚ Oh and a double chocolate ice cream sandwich for Tim at Cold Comfort πŸ™‚


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