Nurturing Shen Dispersing Excess Energy

by Melissa West on

Nurturing Shen

Today I am making sure I have some time to nurture my shen, my spirit by spending time in nature grounding myself.

There are so many exciting things going on with the new year, new moon, we have a brand new course starting today in our membership community called Maitri: Meditations to Make Room for Yourself and I find I can get super excited and my energy gets kind of dispersed.

If you are feeling the excitement of the new year and the new moon give this video a thumbs up, subscribe for more videos on how to nourish your shen and put, ¨I am nurturing my shen¨ in the comments.

Spending time outside in nature is incredibly grounding and allows me to disperse some of that excess excitement and energy.

Apparently the earth is loaded with negatively charged electrons known as free electrons and when we come into contact with the earth’s surface with our body, we are able to absorb this energy.

The negatively charged electrons or free electrons neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals in our bodies.

Be sure to watch Wednesday when I will have a delicious treat for you to nourish your shen.



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