Reishi Hot Chocolate to Help our Yin Yoga Practice

by Melissa West on

Hot Chocolate to Help our Yin

Yin yoga is highly influenced by the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. When we come into a yin posture, we are coaxing the chi, or energy through the invisible energy highways that carry the chi and influence our organ systems and overall health and wellbeing, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

You may wonder what this has to do with the reishi mushroom or reishi hot chocolate for that matter. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, reishi is an herb, that is known to nourish this shen.

Shen is the heartmind spirituality that enlivens our being. It is the awareness that inspires our existence. Shen is also known as the True Self that provides us with insight. It is the enlightened Self.

If you practice yin yoga, you maybe familiar with jing chi, your life force essence that you are born with. As you go through your life, jing chi gets used up, until it is completely depleted and you die.

Shen on the other hand, when cultivated through heart-mind-spiritual-awareness practices grows as we do. As we increase our shen, our spiritual strength, the greater our energetic potency and creativity. When our shen is strong we are able to be creative, energetic and act from a place of spiritual strength.

So when we engage in practices like yin yoga and take in the miraculous sacred fungus reishi mushroom through drinks like Botanica’s Reishi Hot Chocolate, we are deeply relaxed, physically rejuvenated and focused.

When we are calm and grounded, we are able to experience a clear mind, relaxed body. This helps us open up into the inexhaustible source of inspiration and creativity – shen – something that is naturally cultivated through spiritual practices such as yin yoga.
Namaste, Melissa

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