Relaxing in Victoria BC – Vlog 28

by Melissa West on

Victoria, B.C.

Vlog-28---Victoria-BCWe have been taking it easy this week after having Tim’s parents here last week. Thank you for your mail. My distress crayons came in which will be good for painting when travelling. Also my supplies arrived for bullet journaling. I am going to be planning my days and for our trip in the bullet journal.

Thursday morning we filmed Yoga with Melissa 344 at Moss Rock this week. It was a beautiful location with a wonderful view of Victoria, but a lot of airplane traffic.

On Thursday evening we went to a small beach in North Saanich.

Friday we went to Gonzales beach to cool down and do more mail time. Thank you for more letters! I got some new Squeezed Yoga pants to replace some yoga pants that I ripped blackberry picking. Finally I got some Essences from Pacific Essences. She makes the essences from the plants and sea life here in Victoria. She also makes Goddess remedies!  I also got a new book from Sounds True called Practicing the Toa Te Ching by Soala Towler, thanks Sounds True. Here is the interview I was talking about:

Friday night we did a photography session for Squeezed yoga clothing at Ross Bay. I talk about my frustration with body image in photography and how I moved my legs more to pose in photos. Modelling is a tough gig! It was a beautiful evening with the sunset.

Saturday morning I went to the park to do my natural movement workout! My goal is to be able to do a strenuous hike with our hiking group. After that we had the videographers meetup. Saturday evening we went and picked apples.

We finished our week drone flying in a beautiful meadow during golden hour. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe and leave your comments 🙂

Namaste, Melissa


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