Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Buddhist Meditation

by Melissa West on

Vlog 84 – Restorative Yoga

September can be such a whirlwind with back to school, back to work, and after summer vacations and holidays people come back to their yoga and meditation practices. I certainly have been on the go and feeling quite engaged with all of you in yoga and meditation this as we all got back into our regular routines this autumn.

Since we just celebrated episode 400 and eight years of releasing videos for all of you, I thought I would spend a little bit of time letting you know about where we are headed as an online yoga and meditation community over the next little while.

YouTube has recently reached out to Tim and I with a personal YouTube channel consultation and suggested some initiatives for our YouTube channel. Some of the initiatives I am excited to share with you and others we have decided to leave alone to maintain the integrity of the channel, such as leaving off auto-mid-roll ads so that your yoga practice will never be interrupted by a commercial.

That being said, between listening to you and your requests and what YouTube has recommended we have some exciting things coming in the next few months.

It turns out that many of you associate me, Melissa West with restorative yoga. In fact, some of the videos you watch the most on my channel are the restorative yoga videos. To that end, the next series of yoga videos we are going to be bringing you are a series of restorative yoga videos. I know, it is a burden, but somebody has to do it 😉

I even have lined up some guests to bring you some restorative yoga classes and short videos on my second channel. Christina from Chriska Yoga will be back to do a restorative yoga video for back pain with no props and I will be doing a restorative yoga video for back pain on her channel with props; most likely a bolster, blocks, maybe a strap and a chair. Rachel from Shima Flow Yoga will be doing a Restorative Yoga Pose for sleep on my Yoga Lifestyle with Dr. Melissa West channel and I will also be a guest on her channel.

Let me know in the comments: What kind of restorative yoga classes would you like to see on my channel. Who are your favourite restorative yoga teachers on YouTube? Which restorative yoga YouTube teachers would like to see me collaborate with?

Next, and this was surprising, many of you associate me with yin yoga. This is surprising because up to now I have not taught yin yoga. But when you search for yoga classes with Melissa West you are searching for yin yoga classes. In fact, the video you have been watching the most on my channel over the last few months has been a yin yoga class. To that end, one of the things I am most excited about this autumn is that I am going to be doing a Yin Yoga Teacher Training immersion and then I will be offering yin yoga classes on my YouTube channel towards the end of October. As many of you know I have been practicing yin yoga for a number of years and my style is very similar to yin yoga with the long holds in the poses so I think it will be a smooth transition when I begin to offer yin yoga classes.

Let me know in the comments: What kind of yin yoga classes would you like me to teach you? Who are your favourite yin yoga teachers on YouTube? Which yin yoga teachers you like me to collaborate with on YouTube?

Finally, and thanks to you, the thing I have been most looking forward to this year is deepening my Tibetan Buddhist meditation training with Dharma Ocean, Reggie Ray and my teacher Neil McKinlay. In June, many of you supported me through go fund me to go on a meditation retreat through Dharma Ocean with my teacher Neil McKinlay and you raised enough money for me to continue with part two of the Sutrayana course I started in January.

The second part of the course is Bodhichitta training or heart centered training or compassion training. In the first part of the course, the Sutrayana we practiced meditation, contemplation and study most specifically directed towards ourselves. In this second part of the course, our attention turns outwards and the heart centered practices that teach us how to have compassion for all living beings.

Let me know in the comments: Would you like to see me offer short meditations on my Yoga Lifestyle with Dr. Melissa West channel? If so, how do you see them helping you in your life?

So that is where we are headed in the next few months. Let me know what is up for you this autumn. This time of year seems to be a time of refocusing and recharting the course. I look forward to seeing how you enjoy the restorative yoga and yin yoga classes and also how I am personally transformed by the Tibetan Buddhist meditation course I am taking with Dharma Ocean.

Thanks so much for watching. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up, let me know what you liked about it in the comments and subscribe if you would like to keep seeing the vlogs every Monday at 9 am PT.

Namaste, Melissa

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