Ron Kurtz and the Refined Hakomi Method

by Melissa West on

Ron Kurtz, founder of the Hakomi method will talk to us about the shifts in the method to conceiving the work as assisted self-study, where the practitioner helps clients reduce unnecessary suffering by evoking awareness and supporting the client’s own natural, healing processes. This Refined Hakomi Method, continues to draw its inspiration and strength from the healing wisdom of our basic human nature and our inherited capacity for love and awareness. The method recognizes and embraces the support of science, spirituality and all forms of healing. From this mix, given study, practice and devotion, a simple, elegant way of caring and helping each other emerges and gives the hearts of those it touches the joyous work hearts seekInformation on the Hakomi Method from the Founder, Ron Kurtz

First Aired: 1/13/2010

Ron Kurtz and the Refined Hakomi Method 01_13_10

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