Sacred Activism with Andrew Harvey

by Melissa West on

With The Hope, Andrew Harvey has given a name to the path that so many of us are now following and to which many are being called: “Sacred Activism”. As he explains, “When…the joy of compassionate service is married to a practical and pragmatic drive to transform all existing economic, social and political institutions, a radical and potentially all-transforming holy force is born. This radical holy force I call Sacred Activism…. My deepest prayer for the vision of Sacred Activism is that it will inspire you to harness the energies of love, both in yourself and with others, and to discover, with wonder and hope, the joy and power of…that fiery passion of compassion that, when allied with grounded wise action, will help us change everything.”

Sacred Activism

First Aired: 9/15/2010

Sacred Activism with Andrew Harvey 09_15_10

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