Self Confidence and Self Esteem

by Melissa West on

Building Self Esteem

Self-EsteemToday’s question comes from Sabine from the Membership Site
Hi Melissa,
I’m working on self confidence and esteem and I was wondering if you could direct me on specific episodes. Any advice would be so very welcome. xo

Thanks for this request.

One of my favourite postures for self confidence and self esteem is Goddess Victory Squat.

I created the Yoga for Posture video on the membership site to double as a video for confidence. (Because I’m tricky that way).

Also the Chakra Series on the membership is great for confidence and self esteem, because each video focuses on your right at each energy center.

In addition here are some Namaste Yoga classes that are great for self confidence and self esteem.

Namaste Yoga 165 Your Unique Inner Wisdom

Namaste Yoga 173 Talks about how the cultural machine messes with our self-confidence and self esteem

I think the classes on acceptance are excellent for exploring self esteem and self confidence:
Namaste Yoga 4 was one of my first classes and is on Acceptance:
Namaste Yoga 141 is on Acceptance:
Namaste Yoga 209 is on Age Acceptance:
Namaste Yoga 180 is on Weight Acceptance:

What are your favourite yoga postures for self confidence and self esteem?

I would love to know! Leave your comments below.

Namaste, Melissa


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