Melt away anxiety with this relaxing self massage and meditation

by Melissa West on

Melt away anxiety

Everyone is stressed out these days. Work, politics, finances, family, relationships … you name it. And with smart phones and social media occupying so much of our time, it’s easy to forget to take time for ourselves. Some of us get so disconnected from ourselves that we don’t even realize how anxious we are! This kind of lifestyle will eventually lead to pain, illness, and injuries. But this is easily prevented.

Follow along with me as I guide you through a brief meditation and relaxing self massage to help you gain body awareness, ease pain, and release anxiety. Make this a regular practice. You can start small, with just 10 minutes a day of quiet time to yourself. If you stick with it, you will feel better, think more clearly, increase longevity, and improve your overall health and well being. It’s worth it!

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