Spring Yoga Class and Resource Roundup

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Spring Yoga Classes

Spring is a time of regeneration, growth and renewal, but it isn’t all daffodils and tulips. In your physical body, spring is the time that your liver and gallbladder organs are naturally cleansing themselves and so it is natural to feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster. You might feel angry, irritated, aggressive, edgy, anxious. When we support our liver and gallbladder things flow free and easy without stress.

Yes spring is a season of expansive movement and growth. Spring is a time of creativity and planning. But, how does taking on more than we can deal with affect our body physically and psychically and emotionally? Our body starts to shut down, we experience low energy and then we reach for more toxins and to help us deal with the imbalance in our bodies. Our liver is responsible for this detoxification. Overdoing it doesn’t just mean overdoing it with alcohol or sugary and fatty food. What are your patterns of taking on too much? Consider the mental loop in your mind. Are you over-indulging in negative self-talk and self-deprecation? Even positive things such as a spiritual practice can be over-indulged, just consider fundamentalism in any shape or form.

Yoga with Melissa 62 is for your Liver and Gallbladder and will support you in taking a step back from overdoing

You can also support your liver this spring with dry skin brushing.

How to Dry Skin Brush in Spring : Click Here

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing your Liver Meridian:

  • Increases the ability of your liver to be able to do its job as the primary chemical detoxification factory of your body
  • Your liver organ is related to your tendons and so this may help improve your flexibility as well
  • Your liver organ meridian ends in your eyes and so this may help improve your vision
  • Improved flow of easygoing energy
  • Relieves anger, frustration and annoyance – emotions associated with the liver when the organ is out of balance
  • Relieves irritability associated with PMS

You can also support your liver with warm lemon water in the mornings: Click Here

Your liver does most of its work at night. Warm lemon water can stimulate the cleaning of your liver. Fresh lemon juice with water helps the formation of bile. The vitamin C in the lemon produces glutathione which helps your liver to process and eliminate toxins

When our liver is free of toxins we will have an easy going inner environment. We will be free from anger, irritation, annoyance, defensiveness and frustration. A healthy liver allows us to be flexible and adaptable. We will be able to harmoniously follow our path in life without being pulled off course by external influences. It will be easier for us to keep our equilibrium.

Your Liver is related to your eyes and so this yoga class for your eyes is a great class. (Click Here) Poses for your liver meridian will nourish your iris in particular.

In our membership community we have over 30 yoga classes and resources to support you this spring.

A TCM Liver Meridian Class 16 mins
Liver Cleanse Yin Class 30 mins
5 min soft foam roller inner thigh and groin release
Yoga Detox 60 mins
6 Yoga Classes on Tortoise Pose (TCM, Ayurveda, Brain Yoga, Connective Tissue)

5 min Soft Foam Roller IT band release

Liver and Gallbladder:
Happy Hips
Hippy Shorts – 10, 10-20 minute videos focusing on your hips

Spring Videos:
Vata Balancing for Spring
Pitta Balancing for Spring
Kapha Balancing for Spring
Spring Clean Yoga Retreat and Yoga Classes

As well as tinctures, teas and recipes to support you through spring.

Here is the playlist for members: Members Playlist Click here

If you are not a member, here is how you can become one today 🙂

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