Standing All Day

by Melissa West on

Today’s question comes to us from Jason via email and he says:

Yoga-for-people-who-stand-all-dayHi Melissa, I’m after some advice. I work as a barber and with standing all day i need to relax my lower back. What are the best moves? Is there a video on your tube I could do? Cheers, Jason

This is a great question Jason. A lot of people work standing all day from people working retail to hair stylists. One of the best things you can do after standing all day is legs up the wall or as it is called in yoga, Viparita Karani. This will help to relieve tired legs and feet, it will gently stretch the backs of your legs and relieve mild backache and it will calm your mind. Some other poses to help relax your low back after a long day on your feet include knee to chest pose (apanasana) and figure four stretch.

Namaste Yoga Episode 21 is a great episode for low back pain.

I highly recommend some of the more therapeutic videos available on our membership site and in our shop as well that are great for low back pain including happy hips, feet first, the foot training for connective tissue, yoga for herniated discs, and yoga for sciatica.


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