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More Snow in Victoria : Vlog 54

February 13, 2017 Melissa's Blog Posts

More Snow We started our week with more snow again here in Victoria B.C. some major accumulation with snow staying on the ground. I had just finished up live meditation class with our members. My friend Josh Rimer put out a video this past week called “Are Some Refugees better than other Refugees?”.   If […]

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Yoga with Melissa 369 How to Balance in Chair Pose, Awkward Pose or Utkatasana

February 3, 2017 Intermediate Yoga Class

How to Balance in Chair Pose Members I recommend that you do the connective tissue class for feet before this class and remember we are doing a 28 day challenge with this for Fascia February in our Membership Community David Whyte says : “to be courageous means to seat our feelings deeply in our body […]

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Beginner Yoga for Strength : Beginners Yoga Class, Yoga with Melissa 170

March 22, 2013 Beginners Yoga Class

Today’s class is about accessing your own bold strength. Through accessing your muscular power and vigor in today’s class you will also find mental, emotional and spiritual courage, power and fortitude. What does it mean to you to have strength? Where do you feel strength in your body? This hatha yoga class is a beginner […]

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Yoga with Melissa 162 Happy Baby Pose, Lakshmi Series, Maha Lakshmi, Intermediate Class

January 25, 2013 Intermediate Yoga Class

Maha Lakshmi Happy Baby Pose: Intermediate Class Props Needed: Bloster, Strap Yoga Asanas/Yoga Postures: Deep Belly Breathing, Supta Pandangusthasana/Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose, Anjaneyasana/Lunge Pose, Utthan Pristhasana/Lizard, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana/Pigeon, Malasana/Garland Pose, Chair Pose/Utkatasana, Rabbit Pose/Sasankasana, Salabhasana/Locust, Rollover, Ananda Balasana/Happy baby pose Thank you for leaving your ratings, comments and testimonials at For […]

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Yoga for Calf Muscles

January 16, 2013 Melissa's Blog Posts

Are there any yoga strengthening exercises for calf muscles. I have piriformis issues that results in spasms in the calf of my right leg. This is a great question, thanks for asking it! The yoga for sciatica video that we just created has a lot of great stretching exercises that will provide a lot of […]

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Beginner Yoga How to do Warrior One and Warrior Three, Yoga with Melissa 157

December 21, 2012 Beginners Yoga Class

Yoga with Melissa 157: Beginner Yoga Warrior I and Warrior III Props Needed: Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Strap Yoga Postures/Asanas: Knee to chest/Apanasana, 1/2 happy baby/ Ardha Ananda Balasana, lunge pose/anjaneyasana, Balancing Table with Arm Leg Reach, Chair Pose/Utkatasana, Warrior I/Virabhadrasana I, Warrior III/Virabhadrasana III, Happy Baby/ Ananda Balasana Thank you for leaving your […]

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