Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

How to do Pigeon Pose | 30 Day New Year Challenge | Day 18

January 18, 2018 Melissa's Blog Posts

How to do Pigeon Pose On Day 18 of our 30 day yoga challenge I will show you how to do pigeon pose or eka pada rajakapotasana. More specifically this short video will go over how to do pigeon pose for beginners, how to get into pigeon pose, how to do pigeon pose on your […]

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Fear of Failure: A 50-Minute Intermediate to Advanced Hatha Yoga Class: Yoga with Melissa 176

May 2, 2013 Advanced Yoga Class

Cultural Conditioning is the social process in which authority figures such as parents, professors, politicians, religious leaders, peers, and the media define our cultural values, beliefs, ethical systems, and ultimately the way we perceive ourselves in the world. Today’s theme comes from Lisa Bloss and she suggested we look at our need to win or […]

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Yoga for Creativity, Lakshmi Series: Goddess Shashti, Yoga with Melissa 167

March 1, 2013 Advanced Yoga Class

Show Notes for Yoga with Melissa 167 Yoga for Creativity, Lakshmi Series, Goddess Shasti An Intermediate – Advanced Yoga Class This week as I reflect back on episode 166 of  Yoga with Melissa, Santana Lakshmi and the abundance of fertility, I am looking back on the theme of creativity. Many of us struggle with creativity, […]

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