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Yin Yoga Fire Element | Five Element Theory | Yoga with Melissa 483

April 19, 2019 Intermediate Yoga Class
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Yin Yoga This yin yoga video for the fire element will allow you to open the vitality, radiance, joy and love that we already and always are and express that sparkle in our eyes that is your True Nature. If you are new to Yoga with Melissa, welcome. I know that anybody who has chosen […]

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The Spirit Medicine of Tree Pose | Yin Yang Yoga | Five Element Theory Wood Element Part 3/7 Yoga with Melissa 460

November 9, 2018 Advanced Yoga Class

Tree Pose We start resting into the support of the earth as we always do. Letting go of the tension of our physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies down and into the earth like the root system of a tree sinking down into the earth. While trees continually seek to grow and expand upward and […]

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Introduction to Five Element Theory | Part Two of Seven

November 7, 2018 Melissa's Blog Posts

Five Element Theory 5 element theory is based on observing and contemplating the natural world in which we live and which we are made up of. These five elements are in perpetual movement. The yin elements are contracting and the yang elements are expanding. Five element theory is basically an approach that explains the rhythm […]

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Spirit Medicine of Trees | Five Element Theory | Wood Element | Part One of Seven

November 5, 2018 Melissa's Blog Posts

Tree Medicine Today’s vlog is the first of three parts that I will be releasing this week of a 7 part course on Traditional Chinese Medicine Five Phase Theory, specifically the wood element. I will be offering week one of this five week course course here for free on Yoga Lifestyle with Melissa on my […]

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