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Anti-Anxiety Juice Recipe

June 20, 2013 Gardening with Melissa

Juice to calm your mind and body Today we are going to take some very special ingredients straight from my garden: Lavender and Lemon Balm. Lemon Balm is extra special to me for many reasons but especially because it’s named after me (Melissa officinalis). You can juice the leaves, stems and flowering tops of the […]

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Why Juice with Cabbage

June 13, 2013 Melissa's Blog Posts

Juicing with Cabbage So much great interaction with the juicing and smoothie videos over the last few weeks and months. Thank you for leaving your questions and comments below. This week’s Thirsty Thursday video was a request from David for a cabbage juice recipe video, but first I wanted to respond to some of the […]

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Glowing from the Inside Out

May 30, 2013 Juicing Recipe
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Juice to make your skin look better : One of the main benefits of juicing is that you will notice an improvement in skin conditions from acne, inflammation, psoriasis and even signs of aging. Our skin is exposed to toxins all day long called free radicals such as sunlight, smoke and pollution. These free radicals […]

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Thirsty Thursdays

April 11, 2013 Juicing Recipe

Thirsty Thursday A lot of you have been commenting on my juices on Facebook and Instagram and asking what I put in them and so we decided to put together a Thirsty Thursday feature where we talk about juicing and I share some of my juicing tips, recipes and benefits. Tip: Find a local Co-Op and […]

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