namaste yoga with Dr Melissa West

​Yoga with Melissa 189​: Yoga for Purification, Durga Series: Maha Gauri.

August 2, 2013 Intermediate Yoga Class

Maha Gauri: Purifying Intermediate Yoga Practice This week as we come to the penultimate class in our Durga series we take come to Maha Gauri who is the exact opposite from Kaal Ratri Durga. Whereas Kaal Ratri Durga was dark, Maha Gauri is all light. Maha Gauri is means extremely white as she is white […]

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Yoga for Creativity, Lakshmi Series: Goddess Shashti, Yoga with Melissa 167

March 1, 2013 Advanced Yoga Class

Show Notes for Yoga with Melissa 167 Yoga for Creativity, Lakshmi Series, Goddess Shasti An Intermediate – Advanced Yoga Class This week as I reflect back on episode 166 of  Yoga with Melissa, Santana Lakshmi and the abundance of fertility, I am looking back on the theme of creativity. Many of us struggle with creativity, […]

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Energized by Breath, Shiva Shares the Teachings of Yoga, Shiva Series, Yoga with Melissa 152

November 17, 2012 Yoga with Melissa Episodes

Props Needed for Today’s Class: Yoga Block, Meditation Cushion, cushion or blanket for sitting Yoga Postures: sucirandhrasana (thread the needle, keyhole or figure four stretch), jathara parivartanasana (reclined twist), sharira mudra series (hand/body mudra series), marjaryasana (cat pose), Parivṛtta marjaryasana (thread the needle), parsvakonasana (side angle pose), parivrtta utkatasana (revolved chair pose), parivrtta prasarita padottanasana […]

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