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Power Yoga Basics with Michelle Goldstein – Yoga with Melissa 419

January 19, 2018 Beginners Yoga Class
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Power Yoga Basics Learn the basic structure and feel of a power yoga class, with this simple, cardiovascular yoga flow. Power yoga is a dynamic yoga practice that combines strength building, breath work and mindfulness for an all over body workout. About Michelle: Michelle Goldstein is co-founder of Heart Alchemy Yoga, LA’s fastest growing yoga […]

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45 Minute Yoga Flow Class for Beginners : Yoga with Melissa Episode 370

February 10, 2017 Beginners Yoga Class

Yoga Flow for Beginners Today we have a special guest on Yoga with Melissa, Christina D’Arrigo from ChriskaYoga. This is a 45 minute yoga flow class for beginners by our guest this week, Christina from ChriskaYoga! If you are looking to try a yoga flow class at the beginner level, then this video will be […]

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​Yoga with Melissa 213​, Yoga for Strength and Power (45 min), Hanuman Series

January 24, 2014 Advanced Yoga Class

Power & Yoga Hanuman is a mystic being that is half-human and half-animal, a type of God in the Hindu pantheon known as a Kimpurusha. Kimpurusha means ‘ is it human’ referring to being superhuman. Although Hanuman is super strong, his strength came from the repetition of the powerful mantra Rama. This mantra is said […]

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