Yoga for Circulation

Myofascial Release Yoga for Your Spine

February 27, 2019 Melissa's Blog Posts

Yoga for Your Spine If you have spine pain, back pain, sciatica, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, depression, poor circulation, weak immune system, heart problems or high blood pressure, this rather simple myofascial yoga series for your spine will be beneficial for your spine and entire body. Inspired by the pawanmuktasana series, these yoga exercises and […]

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Namaste Yoga 307 Cultural Conditioning Series The Myth of Continual Improvement

November 27, 2015 Advanced Yoga Class
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Cycles Cultural Conditioning is the social process in which authority figures such as parents, professors, politicians, religious leaders, peers, and the media define our cultural values, beliefs, ethical systems, and ultimately the way we perceive ourselves in the world. We tend to buy into the myth of the hero’s journey. In an overly simplified version […]

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Yoga with Melissa 196, Yoga to Improve Blood Circulation, Benefits of Yoga Series

September 20, 2013 Intermediate Yoga Class

Yoga class to improve your Circulation: Another benefit of yoga is good circulation. Good circulation means that blood flows to all the cells and organs of your body. Good circulation includes the flow of lymphatic fluid as well, which helps to keep your body’s immune system strong. A healthy circulatory system means increased energy, healthier […]

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Yoga with Melissa episode 36 : Special Series on Yamas and Niyamas: Brahmacarya

June 2, 2010 Earlier Yoga Episodes

Yoga with Melissa 36 is on Brahmacharya, the conservation of vital energy. This yoga class on brahmacharya continues our ten-class series on the yamas and niyamas. Brahmacharya means conservation of vital energy and in this episode we practice cultivating, manipulating, balancing and moving our vital energy through our bodies. The yoga class on brahmacharya starts […]

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