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Yoga with Melissa 378 – Chair Yoga Class with Sherry Zak Morris – Sharing the Sunny Side of Life

April 7, 2017 Beginners Yoga Class
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Chair Yoga Class with Sherry Today we have a special guest on Yoga with Melissa Sherry Zak Morris from YogaJP Visit her website here Subscribe to her Channel here No matter what is going on in your life right now, you can always find time to feel the Joy and Gratitude of being alive. Even […]

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Namaste Yoga 325 Awakening to Your True Self Series, The Six Perfections: Generosity

April 1, 2016 Intermediate Yoga Class

Generosity With Namaste Yoga 325, we enter into a new phase of our Awakening Your True Self Series with the Six Perfections or the Six Paramitas. According to Mahayana Buddhism the six perfections are: generosity, morality, patience, energy, meditation and wisdom. Dana Paramita or The Perfection of Generosity believes that everybody has enough according to […]

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Namaste Yoga 316 Awakening Your True Self Series: Sympathetic Joy

January 29, 2016 Intermediate Yoga Class

Sympathetic Joy This week in our Awakening to Your True Self Series, we continue with the four Brahma Viharas. These translate as supreme states, desired dwelling, divine abiding, or our best home. They include loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. The brahma viharas or the four divine abodes are the teachings on the way we […]

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Gratitude Series | Gratitude & Happiness | 50 min Intermediate Hatha Yoga | Yoga with Dr. Melissa West 287

July 10, 2015 Intermediate Yoga Class

Gratitude and Happiness Robert A. Emmons, Ph. D. has made an academic career of studying the psychological benefits of gratitude on your well being. His research shows that people who take the time to reflect with gratitude feel better about their lives as a whole and are more optimistic. Overall they are more joyful, enthusiastic, […]

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Yoga with Melissa 100 Yoga of Emotions: Joy and Gratitude

December 5, 2011 Melissa's Blog Posts

Yoga with Melissa is on Joy and Gratitude. It is with joy and gratitude we present to you the 100th episode of Namaste Yoga. Today’s theme (thanks to Yoga with Melissa viewer Elissa Richmond) is all about joy and gratitude. Melissa begins this episode with tears of joy and gratitude for the first 100 episodes […]

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