The Road to Bamfield, B.C. – Vlog 79

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Bamfield Camping Trip

This past week we visited the remote town of Bamfield B.C. on the most western side of the island, south of Ucluelet. and camped at Pachena Bay Campground. It is an incredibly challenging road to get to Bamfield. We stopped on the way just outside of Port Alberni at Coombes Country Candy for treats for the road. Their chocolate was so smooth and delicious. They also have sugar free chocolate.

We drove through Cathedral Grove. It is crazy busy at Cathedral Grove in the middle of the summer!

The drive into Bamfield is a big deal. It is 50 miles or 80 km of logging roads. It took us more than 2 hours in our old Mazda Protege (Matilda). Most people drive all wheel drive and four by four vehicles to get through to Bamfield.

We arrived in Pachena Bay and Bamfield late in the afternoon to a beautiful fog and I finally understand what they mean by Fogust on the west side of the island. Fogust means fog in August.

I actually do a chicken dance on a log in this video.

Our first full day in Bamfield we took a water taxi to Bamfield West and went to visit Brady Beach. There is a beautiful boardwalk all along the water in Bamfield West, then you walk across the island on dirt roads. Brady’s beach is so beautiful and charming. We explored and laid in the hammock.

Pachena Bay Campground is super awesome, clean and I highly recommend it. The way the fog rolls in during August, it seemed it would dump the moisture in the form of rain on the waterfront campgrounds. So, I was pretty happy we didn’t have a waterfront campsite.

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Namaste, Melissa

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