Think More Positively with Yoga

by Melissa West on

Positive Thoughts

Positive-Thinking-with-YogaDid you know that your body can be one of the best tools to help you think more positively? A 2004 study on “The Effects of Upright and Slumped Postures on the Recall of Positive and Negatives Thoughts” published in the Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Journal (29 no. 3) by V.E. Wilson and E. Peper, showed that sitting upright helped people generate positive thoughts, while slumping made negative thoughts more compelling.

Today we are going to support our body’s in opening up to more upright postures to help you think more positively. All day long we are slumped over screens from our computers, to cellphones and personal devices.

In our membership community we use props in our restorative classes in our postures and pranayama section. Current research shows that use of props in supported postures that allow your nervous system to relax and feel safe will give you far greater gains in flexibility than stretching.

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