Throw away the boxes: Connect with your True Self

by Melissa West on

Today’s question comes from Melissa from Fox and Owl Metaphysical Manifestations.

How does yoga allow people to creatively throw away the boxes …. allowing them to really get in touch with themselves. So often people wear too many masks and costumes. They create distance between themselves and others because they believe that they are too different to be worthy of love and dignity.The result is an endless and overwhelming work of “fitting in” and “behaving correctly” or as society demands.

Yoga is all about connecting to your True Self. That is the probably the main reason I practice yoga and will continue to do so until the day I die in one capacity or another. In yoga, we throw away the boxes through a practice called pratyahara, which means withdrawal of the senses. In our culture we are bombarded with messages of how to behave, consume, and do more that generally keep us caught in illusion and suffering.

By pulling away from the messages of culture which says we need to consume more to be happy, we realize that we have more than enough and we only have to take what we need – in yoga this is the fifth yama or social discipline called aparigraha. We can rest back in the generosity of our spirits and realize that we live lives of abundance and fulfillment. You want to talk about dignity? In our North American Culture we all have access to running water and flush toilets. We can shower and make ourselves presentable each and every day…. millions of people in the world don’t have access to that kind of dignity each day.

Another benefit of pratyahara is that we can pull ourselves away from the constant violence we willingly allow ourselves to be subjected to through the media – this happens in many forms. The news reports a continuous low-level stream of anxiety producing panic that sometimes reaches feverish pitches. Billboards, fashion magazines, celebrity tabloids hold up images of people that are so ridiculously unilateral and don’t show a full spectrum of the full expression of human bodies, income levels, ethnicities and cultures. When you turn inwards you have the opportunity to experience the richness of your inner landscape. This is a true gift.

Yoga allows you to connect to the truth of who you are without the lies that are fed to you through the collective unconscious. You are able to connect with truthfulness and integrity, balance and moderation to practices that will cleanse and purify you so that you can experience contentment and peace with yourself and others. Ultimately this kind of study of yourself not only allows you to know your True Self but also deepens your connection with the Divine.

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