Self Myofascial Release for the Triple Warmer Meridian Using the Slo Mo Ball

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Triple Warmer Meridian

Have you ever heard anybody talk about how self myofascial release can improve your relationships? I haven´t, but I am going to explain why in this video.

I know many of you have been practicing self myofascial release for a number of years. Maybe one of the benefits you hadn’t even brought into your conscious awareness yet is a smoother connection with yourself and those in your life. In short, warmer relationships.

I have been offering myofascial release to our members in our membership community using balls and foam rollers since 2013. This May we will be celebrating Myofascial May with Myofascial release classes in our membership community.

If you would like a PDF of my favourite props and how to use them in a 10 week series of videos go to

This month in our membership community some of our advanced students are taking part in the advanced five elements yoga and meditation course about the fire element. Five element theory asserts that the continuous patterns of change and transformation that are alive in the universe through not just yin and yang, but also water, wood, fire, earth, metal and water, are also alive in us.

The fire element is associated with the changes of the summer season and the heart. The heart is so important it has four meridian systems associated with it: heart and small intestines and the pericardium and triple warmer meridians.

Today I want to talk to you a little more about the triple warmer meridian. It is one of the twelve main meridian channels, but not one that I see focused on too often in yin yoga. In your body it is located in the chest, solar plexus, lower abdomen areas.

The most fascinating thing about the triple warmer meridian is that it is not connected to an organ like other meridians, but it is seen as a communicative matrix of connective tissue or fascia that envelopes every organ, muscle and bone that plays a key role in the flow of chi and the communication between organs.

When we mindfully touch our connective tissue we touch the energetic function of the triple warmer as a coherent messenger. In other words, the triple warmer carriers the qi, the energetic impulse for connection found in the connective tissue. This supports the connection and throughout our body, and by extension our appropriate connection and relationships with others.

Classes like this one, storing your energy for the day, use this beautiful prop, the slo mo ball, and connects you with the three areas of the triple warmer your chest, solar plexus and lower abdomen areas. The video starts by connecting you with the lower dantian, your energy storehouse and the middle dantian the seat of your soul, spirit and compassion in your body.

From there we take the slo mo ball and compress and elongate dormant and tired tissue and introduce circulation back into the lower belly. The rolling and friction created by the grippy surface generates a shear within the tissue waking up nerve cells and improves the body’s neurophysiological response.

This is what we have been talking about in all of the self-myofascial release videos. When we roll a ball on our body or move a body part over a ball, the gentle pressure on your fascia which is rich in nerve endings communicates that there is no longer need for tension in that area. The neurological response gives you the opportunity to create more efficient movement patterns that include: ease of movement, less pain, and more range of motion.

In the case of a class like this where we are focusing on the areas of the triple warmer meridian, the chest, solar plexus, lower abdomen areas, some of the main benefits that you will experience are, less back pain, improved digestion, greater ease of breathing, more energy stored in your body, and greater connection with yourself and others.

From the perspective of traditional chinese medicine, this class which offers self myofascial release using the slo mo ball focuses on affecting the triple warmer meridian. Because this meridian carries the qi and energetic impulse for connection found in the connective tissue, it not only enhances the connection between your organ systems, but also the warmth and connection in your relationships with others.

Think about it, if you are locked up in your own body and experiencing the restriction of movement that comes from poor movement patterns, stress, trauma, overuse or underuse, not only is it difficult to feel and connect with your own body, but it is also difficult to feel and connect with others.

If you would like to unlock the rest of this class to improve your energy, breathing, digestion, and greater connection with yourself and others then click on the link below to sign up for our membership community. I have included a link to a similar ball that we use in our membership community as it seems this ball is sold out most places now. And I have included a direct link for our members to the video.

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