TRX Hacks for Yoga

by Melissa West on

TRX Hacks for Yoga – Vlog#2

Vlog-2-TRX-hacks-for-YogaJoin me for another week behind the scenes of Namaste Yoga and what happens in the day of the life of a real yogi 🙂

This week I share with you more about my personal yoga practice. Find out what yoga I have been practicing and why and I go to yoga class here in Victoria. I talk about how I practice yoga with migraines and how my yoga practice helps me to overcome depression. This week in the vlog I show you how I practice yoga with the TRX. Many of you showed a lot of interest in that on Instagram.

In this vlog you also get to find out what I am currently reading. I show you lots more of where I live, indoors and outdoors with lots of cherry blossoms and a special view of Clover Point here in Victoria, BC. We took a trip to the farm to get veggies and went to the butterfly sanctuary. 🙂 Finally, I went to tea heaven.

Thank you so much for collaborating with me in writing this week’s Namaste Yoga on Yoga poses you avoid the most (Namaste Yoga 319). You get to see how that unfolded on Facebook and how we set up for Namaste Yoga. Thanks to you this is probably going to be a three part class! I love interacting with my students, you even get to see me call one of my students this week 🙂

I shared with you some of my artwork that I have been doing in Tamara Laporte’s year long online art course, Life Book 2016.

Please leave your comments and questions below. Let me know what yoga you are practicing and why? What are you reading right now? Let me know how you are liking the vlog format. Tell me what you would like to see me include in future vlogs.

Namaste, Melissa



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