Vicious Goats : Vlog 17

by Melissa West on

Goats and New Gimbal

Vlog17I start the week bright and early with a weekly challenge with going with the flow 🙂 I share with you my morning practice to start the week 🙂 The bowing practice allowed my spine to be really fluid. I spoke about why neck nods are important for your brain and your body – here it Tim’s video that he did for us that explains more:

I set the intention to “Smile, breathe and go slowly” and put one foot in front of the other for Monday. We had a fun work break at the Victoria day parade with all the marching bands 🙂

Thursday morning we went for a lovely walk at Cattle Point with our Nature Victoria Explorations group 🙂 We saw beautiful wild chives on our walk. The park was filled with goreous Gary Oak trees. I think we may have found an excellent location for filming walking meditation members 🙂

Thursday afternoon we went to the farms to get our fresh fruits and vegetables. We stopped at Dan’s to get apples, peanut butter balls and samosas … and to feed the goats. The goats are cute and funny. 🙂

A special thank you for your donations to our epic video campaign. The LanParte handheld gimbal stabilizer arrived this week! 🙂 So much gratitude 🙂

Tell me if you can see the difference in the video smoothness from the bear walk on! 🙂 Witty’s lagoon was a beautiful location for the walk with streams, waterfalls and a beautiful forest. Please excuse all the self-indulgent videography as we tested out the gimbal 🙂

Albert’s head was a treasure to find – it was like Long Beach in Tofino, only way closer to home. Tim was making friends with all the dogs on the beach.

Stay tuned next week for lots of sound healing 🙂

Namaste, Melissa


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