From One Extreme to Another in Victoria, B.C. : Vlog 56

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Vlog 56 : Victoria Fashion Week

I started my week after my Monday morning Live class with our membership community saying hello to you from Esquimalt, across from Victoria.

On Tuesday we took a nature break at a public beach on McNeil Bay to enjoy the beautiful spring day. Tuesday morning I had planned out March for our membership community and the new Heart Stabilization series for Yoga with Melissa.

On Friday afternoon we went to Fort Rod which is a federal park. As part of Canada’s 150th birthday all the federal parks are free this year.

Friday noon we had lunch with our friends Von McKnelly and Shelly Wickens, fellow creators in the media world 🙂
Von McKnelly Photography – link
Shelly Wickens Photography – link

I have been connecting with a lot of creators in the YouTube community and doing a lot of collaborations this year which is really fun. Maris Aylward from Yoga Upload and I have a collaboration planned for March.

Sherry Zak Morris and I are going to be collaborating in April. She does amazing yoga for seniors and a lot of chair yoga. She will be doing a chair yoga class for me. Sherry has requested a yoga for caregivers class from me for her channel. 🙂

One of the most gorgeous souls I have been connecting with is Aprille Walker from Yoga Ranger Studio. She teaches amazing yin yoga and restorative yoga.

Saturday I spent the day at Royal Roads University for a one day meditation retreat with my meditation teacher Neil McKinlay. The day was called, Meditations that Heal the Heart.

On Saturday night we went to a fashion show for Victoria Fashion Week. I met some great people including Sylvie Ghanem from Vic French Tutoring
We met the friends and mother of a local designer Nikki Babie

We met up with some old friends: Al Smith  and his wife who is a designer Teresa Lindsay.

As a sewer I was most inspired by Ola Dubios who did upcycled fashion and used sustainable fabrics and Trista Smith from Reclamation 

Thanks for watching 🙂


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