Vlog 51: What should we do for our birthday?

by Melissa West on

Vlog 51 Birthday Ideas?

We started our week with you at Government House filming some new one minute videos specifically for instagram.

I am going to be filming some one minute videos on how to do certain yoga postures, contraindications, modifications and variations for instagram. We started relesing those this week.

If you don’t already follow me on instagram, you can find those there: @drmelissawest

I sewed a cover for the ring light that Tim and Trinity made for me for Christmas, which was a bit of a fail so far.

On Saturday we get to do some fun mailtime.

Scentuals sent me loads of new products to do new videos for you. I want to do another facial video for you.

I love the bath salts, they are so relaxing and great for sleep. I’m going to do a scalp massage with the shampoo and conditioner.

I’m excited to show you some fun aromatherapy, massage and yoga combinations with these products

Next week will be 52 weeks, one year of filming this vlog.

Let me know in the comments: What should we do for our birthday?

How should we celebrate one year of making these vlogs for you?

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Namaste, Melissa


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