What is a kriya?

by Melissa West on

Today’s question comes from Erika from speak pipe and she wants to know, what is a kriya?

What-is-kriyaIn episode 188 of Namaste Yoga we started with a kriya to energize.

Kriyas are most prevalent in the world of Kundalini yoga and so I went to one of my Kundalini yoga books for a definition. (Kundalini Yoga by Shakta Kaur Khalsa). The word kriya literally means “action.” It is an action which “must sprout the seed” according to Yogi Bhajan. With Kundalini yoga a kriya is an exercise or a group of exercises that is designed with an intention to move you towards a specific outcome. Every exercise is not a kriya. Practicing a kriya initiates a sequence of physical and mental changes that affect all layers of your koshas simultaneously from your body, mind, spirit, energy and emotions. Some kriyas are more meditative while other kriyas are complete exercise sets.

There are several kundalini kriyas on the membership site that we are compiling in our community playlists right now through our summer daily challenge. If you are a member I will include links to them in the show notes:

We have one for all the membership classes with the spinal energy series which is a kriya:

And we have one for classes with kundalini yoga or kriyas in them:

Today I will show you the Sat Kriya

Sit kneeling with your arms by the side of your head, fingers interlocked except index fingers which point straight up. “Sat” sounds like but, “Nam” sounds like mom. As you say sat draw your navel towards your spine, as you say nam relax your belly. Chant Sat Nam for 1 minute working up to 3 minutes. This strengthens your sexual energy and your digestive ability to eliminate. Your internal organs will receive a massage from this kriya.



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