What is Hatha Yoga?

by Melissa West on

What is Hatha Yoga?

Have you ever wondered What exactly is hatha yoga? Today I am going to explain exactly what is meant by this style of yoga.

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Hatha yoga is often defined as a generic term to any type of yoga that teaches gentle physical postures that is not a flow based class. I take offense to a whole style of yoga being described solely in terms of what it is not! Additionally hatha yoga is also inaccurately described as an umbrella term to encompass any kind of physical yoga postures from Ashtanga to Iyengar yoga. Oh and I’ve also heard several sources describe it as gentle yoga.

Hatha yoga is a whole style in and of itself and actually has a specific meaning.

Hatha is a sanskrit word which breaks down to ha for sun and tha for moon. Just like the sun brings the energy to the day and the moon brings the quiet to the night, hatha yoga balances the energy in our body.

During the day we are active and at night we rest. Ha represents that active energies. Tha represents the quiet qualities. Together through hatha yoga, we strive to bring harmony to your body.

The Sun qualities of hatha yoga are stimulating, vibrant, energizing and strong but we can burn out if we are always efforting. In our day to day lives we tend to push forward, be addicted to busy and doing and be more comfortable with effort and energy. Generally, our culture needs to connect with our moon energy more, the quiet, receptive, nurturing, introspective, restorative energy.

In the hatha yoga classes that I teach, I focus on balancing the Ha or energizing qualities and the Tha or the restorative qualities, in your body.

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