What is Shen in Traditional Chinese Medicine?

by Melissa West on

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What is Shen?

In this video I am going to explain what shen, one of the three treasures (jing, chi and shen) of Traditional Chinese Medicine is and why it is important to you if you practice yoga and meditation for chronic pain or chronic illness.

I teach styles of yoga like restorative yoga, yin yoga and yoga nidra that are supportive for chronic pain and chronic illness. I have noticed that a lot of my yoga students experience additional symptoms due to chronic pain and chronic illness such as exhaustion, anxiety, and depression. I think this video on shen is going to unlock some helpful keys for your healing journey if this relates to you.

Shen his is something I have been making videos about over the last couple of weeks here on my yoga lifestyle channel and on my main channel Yoga with Melissa so be sure to subscribe to get all my videos and yoga classes about shen.

If you want to go into depth and nurture your shen with the support of myself and our community I have a 2 hour yin yoga workshop dedicated to shen this month, which will be archived as well if you are watching this video later. In our 2 hour live yoga workshop I will be able to go super into depth into shen. In fact I will be calling in the 5 shen through the five yin organ system for balance and harmony.

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