What Is Yoga Flow?

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Yoga Flow

Today we have a special guest on Living your Yoga, Christina from Chriska Yoga.

Are you curious about Yoga Flow classes? This video will answer all your questions and more! This week, special guest Christina from the channel ChriskaYoga will be talking to you about vinyasa flow yoga and what it’s all about. She tells you what vinyasa means, the key components of yoga flow classes, and the benefits of practicing this style of yoga.

What is vinyasa flow yoga?

Vinyasa means arranging something in a special way. This means arranging yoga poses in a sequence that moves your body in a mindful way. This style of class asks you to coordinate your movement and your breath. This helps the fluidity of moving from one pose to the next. Sun salutations are quite often incorporated in vinyasa flow classes and used as the foundation for vinyasa flow classes.

Vinyasa flow yoga is often preferred by people who like active movement such as athletes and dancers. The classes provide a challenging movement experience. They often are faster paced and can provide a cardiovascular workout. You will build strength, stamina, and flexibility.

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