One Year of Vlogging or What Locals do in Victoria B.C. : Vlog 52

by Melissa West on

What Locals do in Victoria B.C.

It is the one year anniversary of this vlog. To celebrate we decided to show you around some of our favourite things to do in the city we live, Victoria B.C. I started the vlog in the Inner Harbour. You will see a busker behind me on the busker stage doing some juggling. There are always lots of artists sharing their talents in Victoria 🙂

The first thing we did was go to Oak Bay Marina to feed the seals. The end of January on a Tuesday afternoon is a good time to feed them. They are good and ready for some frozen herring then!

We did a little mailtime. Thanks Nicci for your care package for Dressember. The other thing that came was a hard drive. We need a lot of hard drive space to backup our videos. We received a 6 terabyte hard drive. Thank you for your donations, they help us to back up our videos. During mailtime there were a family of otters.

I love going shopping on Lower Johnson street in Victoria and supporting the local shops. I also love Davids Tea. Government street is also a great place to go shopping. We recommend Murchies and Munros on Government Street. Rogers chocolates is great for samples. We love Rocky Mountain chocolate factory for the chocolate apples. We always get them for birthday gift. Today we got one for Trinity’s fifteenth birthday.

Trounce Alley is another great little alley to check out off of Government street. There is a store down that alley that just sells buttons. Instinct art and gifts is where we get our incense. When you come through Trounce Alley, you come to Broad street and I show you The Vitamin Shop and that is where I buy my vitamins.

On Friday morning we went for a hike. My number one reason for moving to the West coast was the hiking. Our tactic for finding a place to hike was to drive past Langford, looked for cars parked on the side of the road and walked into the woods. The ground was so lush in the forest.

Annemarie asked me what my biggest fear was, how I overcame it and how it transformed it. I thought it was a good question. I answer this question in the vlog at around 13 mins.

Saturday morning we went to some of our favourite bakeries in Victoria. This was a unanimous vote when we asked you what you wanted us to do!

I think Crust Bakery is one of the most irresistible bakeries in Victoria B.C.

Next up was Fol Epi. This bakery is stunning!

My favourite bakery is Origins Gluten Free Bakery. This bakery has a wide assortment of bluten free options. I love their pastry.

Thank you for watching our vlog over the past year. We appreciate your support. Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Subscribe.


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