What’s Your Body Telling You? with guest Steve Sisgold

by Melissa West on

In today’s economic climate, people are more stressed than ever. Job losses, foreclosures, and governmental cutbacks make the headlines on a daily basis. People all over the world are feeling higher levels of stress in their professional, financial and personal lives. What we need is an ally to help us find the answers to our concerns ~ and here it is ~ the wisdom locked within our brilliant bodies. Your conscious mind may not tell you what you need to know. It is living in the past, projecting into the future, and creating stories around the truth. Your body will never lie and is with you 24/7. Regardless of where your mind takes you, your body knows all it needs to know. Join us this week as Steve Sisgold helps you successfully navigate your way with concentrated focus and confidence, discerning truth from fear and avoiding dangerous knee-jerk reactions. You will learn to breathe into your emotions, release stress from your body and maintain your physical and emotional health. As a result, your career, your personal relationships and your financial situation will become easier and more enjoyable.

Steve Sisgold, What’s Your Body Telling You?

First Aired: 9/10/2009

What’s Your Body Telling You_ with guest Steve Sisgold

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