Yin and Yang – Vlog 89

by Melissa West on

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

This past weekend I had the privilege of taking part in a yin yoga teacher training. I went into the training being very much interested in how we stress the connective tissues, joints and bones in yin yoga, in other words a more anatomy-based focused and came away with something completely different.

We began our training with a huge focus on yin yang theory and understanding the co-essential, nonhierarchical polarities that move through and animate all of life. Yin energy is like the moon, receptive, nurturing, restorative, earthy, and nourishing. Yang energy is like the sun, active, bright, energetic, dynamic and externally driven.

In our culture we tend to favour the yang energy. We push ourselves to achieve, accumulate, expand, accelerate, produce, attain, acquire and earn. All of this leaves us imbalanced and quite depleted.

My biggest takeaway from my experience this weekend in this yin yoga teacher training was that although my yoga and meditation practices are quite yin nourishing, my life is quite yang focused and externally driven. This often leaves me feeling exhausted and depleted.

I came away from this yin yoga teacher training with a renewed aspiration to bring balance to my whole life and a commitment to nourish my feminine yin energy throughout my whole day, not just during my yoga and meditation practice times.

What is true for you? Are you more in balanced in your yin or yang energy? What would help you to find more balance right now in your life?

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Namaste, Melissa

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