Yoga classes for nurturing and grounding through loss

by Melissa West on

Yoga for Loss

Yoga-classes-for-nurturing:Today’s question comes from Namaste Yoga Member Justine,
Hello melissa
A friend of mine has recently lost his best friend, he died in tragic circumstances, and I would like to recommend some of the yoga classes from the archives particularly for grounding and nurturing himself and I don’t think he has tried yoga before, so what would you suggest please
Thank you always

Dear Justine

I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s loss. That sounds quite sad.

For grounding and nurturing for somebody who hasn’t tried yoga before I would suggest these classes:

Start with Namaste Yoga 107, it is about Finding Time, it was the second beginner’s class I did, and although the theme is on Finding Time, it is a slow class and incredibly grounding.

From there, I would recommend, Breathe Love and Let Go. This is one of my favourite classes when going through tough times.

For grounding, I love the class that I created for migraines:

One of my favourite classes around the theme of letting go is Shiva lets go little by little. I love this story

We also have a grief and bereavement series on our membership site called In Loving Memory.

It is a 5-class series of 20 minute classes.

The classes are titled:
Be Gentle with Yourself
Your Wound is Where Your Light Comes In
Infinite Time and No Ambition
Let Your Tears Flow
and The Cycle of Life

These classes are for letting go or loss of any kind, not just death.



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