Daily Yoga for Breast Tissue Health

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Breast Tissue Health

1/8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.  More than 60% of women experience thickening of breast tissue and lumps that come and go. Swelling, pain and tenderness in the breasts is a normal part of our hormonal cycles. In this short daily hatha yoga class we bring our breasts to yoga and bravely learn how to reduce the risk of breast cancer as well as lower its recurrence.

This short hatha yoga sequence will attend to your lymphatic system, endocrine system, fascial system as well as the psycho spiritual aspects of breast health that relate to: swelling, painful and tender breasts; fibrocystic breasts; breast cancer; chemo and radiation; and recovery from breast surgery.

I have experienced my own problems with breast health from swelling, pain and tenderness in her breasts, fibrocystic breasts that have led to several breast cancer scares. I have gone through mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsies and I have an increased risk of breast cancer due because of familial breast cancer. All of this has motivated me to create breast health programs for women, that I can care for my breasts daily on my yoga yoga mat.

This hatha yoga class has yoga poses that stimulate the lymphatic system through the breasts to filter out bacteria, cancer cells and destroy toxins and germs. Because the lymphatic system has no pump of its own and it flows upward against gravity, we will practice inversions and poses that stimulate its flow. Even movements that add bouncing encourage the breasts to move and promote lymphatic drainage and decrease the chance of congestion.

Breasts suffer from poor posture, rounded shoulders and a rounded spine. The postures chosen for this daily hatha yoga class for breast health open up the chest and shoulders and strengthen the back to support the breasts. By creating space in the torso we continue to prevent fluid from accumulating around the breasts.

Finally attending to our own psycho spiritual needs to feel valued, loved, soothed, listened to and cared for on a deep level allows us to nurture ourselves on a deep level, affirming our own worth and committing to our own lives.

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