Yoga for stress and anxiety

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Stress Relief

Yoga-for-AnxietyToday’s question comes to us from Alvaro via email and they want to know:

What should i do to reduce anxiety (due to stress of my work, and my handicapped daughter)
Sometimes i feel like something is pushing my chest. Doctor told me it is stress. What should I do for relaxing my solar plexus ?

Thanks a lot, Alvaro

Dear Alvaro, I’m glad you got it checked with your medical doctor, because I am not a medical doctor, I am a Ph.D. of communications of cultural studies and so when you are having physical symptoms like pain in your chest or pushing in your chest it is always smart to get it checked with your doctor.

As far as yoga here are some things for those symptoms.

When it feels like something is pushing on your chest you can roll up your mat and lie down over it and do some deep breathing.

To relax your solar plexus you can fold up a blanket and lie down on your stomach and do some more deep breathing.

I have a few classes that may be of use to you.
Namaste Yoga 192


Yoga for Anxiety

What yoga do you do to ease the tension of anxiety in your chest and stomach?

I want to know. Leave your comments below.

Namaste, Melissa


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