Yoga for Stress Response

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Yoga for Stress Response

Stress-Relief-with-YogaToday’s question comes to us from Fiona from the membership site:

Yoga for Triple warmer/heater?
Hi Melissa, Do you know if there are any specific poses to help calm down or strengthen the triple warmer/heater meridian. I’m guessing that would be anything that helps the fight/flight stress response?
Thank you

Dear Fiona

Such an interesting question!

The triple warmer begins at your ring finger and travels along your arm, around your shoulders, up the outside of your neck, round your ear to your temporal region. It involves three different sections in the trunk of your body. The upper segment, or the upper warmer controls respiration. The middle warmer controls digestion and the lower segment or the lower warmer controls elimination. In traditional Chinese medicine the Triple Warmer (combining all three of these) helps to harmonize all three segments of your body and is a function of the whole. This meridian is also said to control your body temperature and regulate your equilibrium.

The Triple Warmer Meridian is activated whenever your body or emotions are stressed.

The book Acu-Yoga (now out of print, but a fabulous resource) recommends reverse plank pose to target the meridians of the Triple Warmer.

Bridge Pose would work well, as would cow’s face pose, puppy, chest openers, rabbit, reclined half moon (bananasana) and camel pose.

Since Fiona asked about sedating the triple warmer, today we will practice child’s pose with a side bend with a focus on lengthening through your arms as a way to access your triple warmer meridian.

Sedating the Triple Warmer: Use the opposite hand to touch the outside edge of the eyebrow, furthest from your nose. Then pass your hand back (away from your face), over and around your ear, down the back of your neck, across the back of your shoulder, and down the outside of your arm and the back of your hand. Touch the fourth finger (the “ring finger”) at the base of the nail.

Now repeat this motion, gently, at least three times on each side of your body.

That’s it!
(Resource for Sedating the Triple Warmer: )

Thank you for an interesting question Fiona!

Namaste, Melissa



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