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by Melissa West on

Today’s question comes to us from Jeff via e-mail and he asks about  the philosophy behind the Yoga teachings. Still being very new to it all, I wonder if you may be able to help by advising some decent books I may read to help deepen my knowledge further. 
Here are my favourite yoga philosophy books:
The Secret Power of Yoga by Nischala Joy Devi (a translation/discussion of the Yoga Sutras)
Yoga, Power and Spirit  by Alberto Vilodo ( a more poetic translation of the Yoga Sutras)
Nicolai Bachman’s The Yoga Sutras (pricey but very good – gets into terminologies in a very deep way, I think you would like this one)
Canada’s jewel in the lotus and amazing yoga philosopher is Michael Stone, he has several books. My favourite is still his first, The Inner Tradition of Yoga.
Sally Kempton’s book Meditation for the Love of it – says it is about Meditation, but honestly the philosophy is all about yoga.
Dr. David Frawley is an amazing Yoga Scholar.
That should keep you going for a while.
Also to let you know, I am going to be offering a
continuing education course for yoga teachers
in January of 2013 to explore yoga philosophy concepts
of sankalpa, loving kindness, acceptance
and acknowledgment in a 10 week intensive course
… you might be interested in that as well. 🙂

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