Yoga with Melissa 101: Yoga for Beginners, How to do Yoga

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Yoga with Melissa 101 is a beginner yoga class. This class will introduce you to the foundations of yoga and the foundational poses. Yoga has become associated with the physical postures here in the West, but it is part of a greater tradition that includes breath practice, mantra, mudras, and philosophy. Yoga means to yoke, union, so we create that union between all the layers of our being, between our physical body, our emotions, our thoughts, our energy and our spirit. Yoga increases your self-awareness by removing the illusions or maya so you can see your True Self.

This class begins lying in savasana so you can transition from the busyness of your day to day life to a more centered and focused state. Here you will breathe, connect with your body and set an intention for your body. From there we will start some gentle warm up postures to prepare your body for what is to come in your yoga practice. Today our warm up postures include hamstring and hip releases. From there we come into cat pose and downward facing dog to release your spine and further release the backs of your legs. Lunge pose will open up the fronts of your hips. When we come to standing we practice tree pose for balance. Wide legged standing forward fold helps to lengthen your hamstrings while calming your mind and nervous system. Sphinx pose is our backbend to help improve posture and build bone density in your upper back. A reclined twist helps to release tension, improve digestion and release tension along your spine. We finish this beginner yoga class with savasana or corpse pose for relaxation.

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Yoga for Beginners Course with Melissa

This 8 week Yoga for Beginners Course is the most comprehensive and easy way to learn yoga slowly over time at your own pace. Complete it in nine weeks or take your time. Melissa has chosen these classes and put them in the best order for you to be able to learn hatha yoga step by step. Within this framework you will be able to see what beginner yoga classes you have completed, you can mark your favourite classes and you can bookmark classes that you want to come back to. Each week you will be given space for rest and renewal with restorative yoga and yoga nidra (sleep yoga). You will begin with basic hatha yoga classes, learn the parts of a hatha yoga class, learn beginner yoga poses, learn the concepts that come up again and again in a beginner yoga class, practice some of the most requested classes from beginners including strength, flexibility and letting go of stress. This truly is the most comprehensive beginner yoga course available on the web and Melissa is here to support you on your journey here each step of the way in our community.

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