Yoga with Melissa 107, Beginner Yoga Two: Finding Time

by Melissa West on

Yoga with Melissa 107 is a second beginner yoga class focused on Finding Time. When asked what the biggest challenge they faced in their lives, you responded, time management, lack of time, not enough time, difficulty finding time to do yoga, and being present when you do actually find time to do yoga instead of feeling rushed or pressured to do something else. In this second yoga for beginner’s class we will explore a shift in mindset that we can bring to yoga to give us a sense of spaciousness in time to practice yoga. Drawing on the pace of nature as our inspiration we will practice being beginners to slowing down and having the patience to receive the unfolding of our yoga practice. The intention of this practice is to rest into an expanded sense of time and connecting with the slower rhythm of nature.

After some teachings on time we begin with a front lying series to open your hips, release your spine and open your spine. Options are given for knee issues. We come up onto all fours for cat pose to further release your spine. Lunge pose and gate pose will release your hips and spine. When we come to standing we do some variations on warrior one pose, warrior two pose and side angle pose as well as a wide legged standing forward fold. When we come to seated we do a seated twist and a forward fold. This class focuses on long holds to give you a sense of spaciousness and open ended time.

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